What is the goal of the Jewish Living Lab?

Promoting diverse thinking and individual personal identity, the central goal of the Jewish Living Lab is to give individuals the tools they need to construct a personal Jewish narrative.

What kind of Judaism is the Jewish Living Lab?

We are open to all forms of Judaism, and we even welcome interfaith

Wait, so you don’t care what kind of Jew I am?

Whoever you are as a Jew, whether you are an atheist/ultra-orthodox/cultural/Jew-ish/or
spiritual but not religious, we believe that knowing more about Jewish history
or Jewish texts both classical and modern, will make you a better you.

Is there a right way to practice Judaism?

There is no right or wrong way to practice Judaism.

So, what do you do exactly?

We can help you construct your own Jewish narrative.

What’s the point?

Being the best you that you can be. Make Judaism work within the
confines of your life – not the other way around.

Can I ask questions?

We don’t know better than you, and we believe that as much is learned
from every question from a student than an answer from a scholar. We also
believe in open discussion.


Got any questions about Judaism you’d like us to answer on our website? Ask us anything you want!  We will draw upon all our resources to give you the wittiest and most engaging answer possible. It might be a brief post, a video response, maybe an interpretive dance. Just let us know if you want your name used or not.

Ask Away!