We bring the best in learning to your neighbourhood though a variety of programs and resources materials and learning groups.

Resource materials

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Programs and Classes

Our classes range from art nights, to multi-week series exploring facets of Jewish life and Jewish texts.

Lunch and Learns

A parsha always goes best with a sandwich, don’t you think?  A Learning Lab Scholar can join you for a round table discussion over lunch.

Shabbat Services

Shabbat mornings – 45-minute services as an alternative to (or in addition to) synagogue.

Multi-Week Learning Series

Corporate Activities and Presentations

Infuse a little spirituality into your day or learn about an important holiday or historical event.

Private sessions

A Learning Lab Scholar can come to your home for a presentation tailored around a topic that is meaningful to you.

Community Services: The Jewish Living Lab

While education will always be at its core, the learning lab is not just about education, it’s about a wholistic Jewish experience. With this in mind, the Learning Lab has now become the Jewish Living Lab: The place Jewish legacy institutions come for those experience.

Interfaith Focus Groups

Do you have shiksappeal? We’re ok with that!  Through our new interfaith initiative, the Jewish Living Lab offers focus groups for interfaith couples. Come meet other interfaith couples navigating modern marriage, discuss your experiences, and find meaningful ways to incorporate Judaism.

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