Hasidim In Montreal

Mon  7p


Ever wonder  how Montreal became a center of Hasidic Jewry? This course will explore the history of Hasidism as well as how Hasidim migrated to Montreal. You will learn about the different sects that live here as well as Hasidic theology and sociology. 


Kohelet- The Book Of Ecclesiastes

Mon  8:30p

Using both Medieval and Modern Academic commentaries we will examine the book Of Ecclesiastes, one of the wisdom books in the Bible. Hebrew reading is an asset but not a requirement.


Intro to RabbinicLiterature

wed 7p


Want to know the difference between the Mishnah and the Talmud?  Are Midrashic stories true? This class will focus on developing familiarity with the various types of writing produced by the Rabbis between 200-600 CE


Death and Dying

Wed 8:30p

This course will examine the history and lore surrounding death in Judaism. We will examine mourning rituals across Jewish communities with an emphasis on the communities of Montreal. As well we will learn about historical Jewish cemeteries and the Jewish cemeteries of Quebec.